Break through what’s blocking your executive team.

Executive coaching done differently, from Sydney to Australia-wide.

Transform by Learning takes a fresh approach compared to most executive coaching and workshop facilitation consultancies in Sydney.

We don’t want to be your ‘sage on stage’—treating you like a novice grasshopper while you wait with bated breath for pearls of leadership wisdom. Genuine and lasting transformation isn’t achieved this way.

Instead, think of us as your ‘guide on the side’—someone who’ll work with you to leverage your own business experiences and unique expertise to help you break through to greater performance.

We’ve achieved our goal when you can do it on your own! We’re not in the business of making you dependent on us.

Discover what’s holding you or your team back and why. Unlock your strengths to resolve barriers to transformation and growth.

Iain stands at the front of a group coaching session in a blue shirt, a whiteboard is on the wall behind him

“It was such a pleasure and wonderful opportunity we had working together, our group sessions I can truly say I walked away from feeling more confident in the area we covered. They were fun, energetic but with much impact. “


Executive Coaching in Sydney and Beyond

Get 1-on-1 support for an exuberant and transformational learning experience for executive coaching in Sydney that’s tailored to your exact needs.


Engage every participant with gentle humour and learning experiences to generate breakthrough AHA! moments.

Leadership and Team Development

Help your leaders realise their ultimate potential. Create, support, and maintain high-performing teams that mesh and grow together.

Transformative Learning Design

Take a uniquely holistic approach to diagnose what’s keeping your team from doing their best work. We’ll develop intelligent, highly targeted solutions for sustained behavioural change.

Bloke Coaching

Men of quality shouldn’t fear equality. A program we designed for men (cis and transgender) to empower them to take a leading role in reshaping the system in partnership with women and achieving real equality in the workplace.

“Thank you so much for all the support you have given me. Your style, personalisation and genuine care is what sets you apart.”

Kristy, Coaching client.

Sydney executive coaching that stands apart

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“It has been an honour to have you as our coach in the learning and development process. I have learned a lot from you and definitely you are an amazing human and coach. The year has gone so fast and it is amazing to think of how far we came in the learning and development journey.”

Ravi, Leadership Program participant