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We partner with leaders at every level to foster positive, high-performing learning cultures.

Bring in a learning and leadership development consultant who gets measurable results.

Every leader leads differently. But though every author and model adds their two cents on how leaders should lead, we think leadership development is a fluid art form, not a playbook to follow to the letter.

Remarkable leadership requires frequent insight, reflection, and conscious, sustained attention. We all draw inspiration from a wide range of resources, distinctive style, motivation, and approach to achieve greatness.

Discover the gold within your leaders

Challenging times requires conscious leaders who can inspire their people and guide them through what comes next.

We work with leaders at all levels to achieve exceptional outcomes by exploring what each person brings to the table—their strengths, quirks, and management styles—and developing a strategy that matches their unique leadership intent.

Ask us to work with your senior executives and frontline managers 1-on-1, design a leadership program for a cohort, or devise a blended bespoke approach that works best for your organisation.

We recommend undertaking a leadership development program over six to nine months, including:

  • Creating self-evaluation tools and/or feedback tools that link to your organisation’s leadership capability framework and/or leadership values (see Positive Deviance below).
  • Setting up processes for applying learnings (test and learn) and reflection.
  • Establishing regular catch-ups/modules for continual learning.
  • Evaluating your return on investment.

What Is The Positive Deviance Approach?

Given the same challenges and resources, some leaders perform better than their peers because they demonstrate uncommon, successful behaviours unique to them. These are your outliers, and some organisations recognise them as their key talent.

Designing a bespoke leadership development program that best fits your organisation requires gathering content from your own leaders. There’s a lot of leadership content out there, but not all of it applies to your leaders or what you want them to achieve for you.

We look for successful leadership behaviours within the positive deviance of these outliers and use this content to develop leadership across your entire organisation.

We then build a simple, accessible leadership model specifically for your organisation and engineer awareness, assessment tools and a program to positively shift your leadership group’s performance.

The result is a highly practical approach to leadership development in perfect context with your organisational goals.

How We Approach Learning Design

We use an iterative and collaborative approach to design best-fit solutions, maximise engagement and ensure your leaders apply the insights they’ve learned.

Often, organisations see the symptoms of leadership failure as the underlying root cause. Addressing only symptoms can mean the underlying behaviour keeps recurring, time and again.

We take a deeper dive, exploring and developing the right solutions to treat the symptoms and create the conditions necessary for sustainable behavioural change.

Get a holistic view across your entire organisation to determine your leadership priorities and precisely what you, your teams and leaders require to do their best work yet.

We’ll determine the modes most appropriate for learning to occur in your workplace and ensure it gets integrated into your organisational workflows to make a measurable difference.

Ask us to design practical and engaging leadership development workshops, e-learning, job aids and on-the-job collateral to complement our coaching, knowledge sharing and mentoring programs.

We won’t just focus on individual learning. We’ll broaden our scope to effectively develop your leaders and facilitate learning and development across your entire organisation. We can also deliver a holistic learning solution that spans complete 70:20:10 learning to increase desired performance and organisational outcomes.

Discover the power of a deeply transformative, bespoke leadership development today.

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Mandy, Regional Director of Talent & Culture.