Leverage your organisation’s expertise, strengths, and experiences to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

We help you and your people achieve extraordinary outcomes at work with our expert workshop facilitation packages.

Collaborative learning is a powerful way to effect change in the workplace.

With an experienced workshop facilitator on hand to guide self-reflection, awareness, and group insights, you can activate new perspectives, establish shared goals, and transform organisational thinking.

We love designing and guiding workshops that bring participants together using proven activities and techniques to tap into their distinct strengths and skills.

Workshop facilitation that really works.

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge, engaging group facilitation experience and gentle humour to deliver engaging and impactful learning in a safe setting for all participants. We focus on encouraging each participant to find the tools within for enacting conscious change.

We’re also accredited in:

  • Development Dimensions International (DDI)
  • 10 Behaviours of Successful People
  • Myers Briggs (MBTI)
  • Team Management Systems (TMS)

Ask us to draw on our experience in previous workshop facilitations to build a bespoke program that meets your organisational needs—whether face-to-face, virtually or a blend of both.

What Is Graphic Facilitation?

We use a range of facilitation techniques in our workshops, including graphic facilitation—which involves producing exciting and powerful visual representations of group-made agreements.

We find graphic facilitation (such as large-format murals) engages hearts and minds, building shared meaning between all participants. It’s particularly engaging and effective for strategy workshops.

We also employ a live visual scribing or graphic recording approach to visually represent the emerging ideas, narratives, and themes in meetings, conferences, and learning sessions.

Team Development Workshop Facilitation

The key to creating and sustaining high-performing teams is developing cultural norms or collaboratively designing a strategy that inspires every team member to do their best work, independently and collaboratively.

We love working with teams to discover how they can use ‘creative abrasion’ to leverage their diversity and achieve greater outcomes than the sum of their parts.

We use Team Management Systems (TMS) to reveal work preferences and deliver detailed information on individual decision-making strengths and interpersonal skills. This helps teams to:

  • Understand how they relate, gather information, make decisions, and organise.
  • Recognise how different preferences and approaches to work helps them be more successful.
  • Value and utilise diverse team strengths and develop strategies to address work that may get unconsciously neglected.
  • Enhance communication and collaboration skills so teams can work more effectively.

Each team member receives an extensive personalised profile and a combined team work preference plot for quick reference later.

Transform your team dynamics and achieve extraordinary things together.

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“You are awesome as a facilitator and provide the space for us to find our own solutions. I need to do this more rather than try to fix problems myself. Thanks for showing me the way.”

Chris, Leadership Program participant